They're more than just a snack!

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Winston Churchill

One day, a man cooked a roast chicken. He thought: "There's nothing new in this", but whilst no one was looking, he helped himself to his crispy, delicious bits of skin...

He wondered how he could share this exceptional treat with the world without making Sunday roasts all over the place.

So he created FOWL Scratchings, made from the crispiest bits of skin from British Chicken.

They're not best for breakfast or even Triathlon training supplement, but are without doubt, stupidly tasty, hand made in small batches with no MSG rubbish thank you very much.

So love them, Gluten free of course, as a snack with an (n)ice cold drink, or sprinkled over a Caesar salad...

Theo Paphitis knows his onions and his Crispy Chicken Skin. So we're delighted to have been awarded his Small Business Award! #SBS

We're new to all this. So, if there's anything you'd like to tell us, good or bad, to help us make things better, please drop us an email